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About Us

 Greater Chicago Transit, a Non-Emergency Transportation Company

When you arrange for non-emergency medical transportation for your loved ones you need to rest assured that your transportation carrier will handle the transit in a professional manner. You want peace of mind that your service will be reliable and punctual.  You need to know that your provider will care for you and assist you right from the start and all the way through to your destination.  You need to know that your provider will get you there safely and stress-free. You have enough on your mind already, so you simply need peace of mind and that's exactly what you will get with us.

Greater Chicago Transit provides you just that!  We offer a wide variety of transportation services and we service entire communities.  Our paratransit services are reliable, punctual, safe, economical, and are second to none.  Non-Emergency Paratransit Transportation (NEMT) at its finest!  We build our reputation one customer at a time.

We offer a full range of NEMT services including...

  • Dialysis Transportation
  • Facility Transfers
  • Doctors and Hospital Appointments
  • Senior Transportation
  • Wheelchair Transportation
  • Paratransit Services
  • and many more that you can find here

We provide flexible transportation options on a fixed route schedule, contractual, or on-demand basis. Give us a call today, you'll be glad you did.